Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”) shall apply to merchant (including its designates, admin or any user allowed or authorized by the Merchant to use services under this Website/Platform) conducting sale of goods and/or services businesses (“Merchant”), who intends to use Lianlian Pay Electronic Payment (Thailand) Co., Ltd, and its affiliates (“Company”)’s website or platform available at (“Website/Platform”), the Company shall use the Merchant’s personal information (“Personal Data”) for the services under the Website/Platform. The Company shall ensure that the Personal Data shall be secure in collection and retention, the Company shall also use its best effort to protect the Personal Data. The Company would like to clarify the Merchant to understand the following rules of Data Personal

The Company would like to clarify the Merchant to understand the following rules of Data Personal;

1. Limitation of Access

The Company has provided technological tools to protect and prevent the Personal Data against unauthorized use and encryption, if the Merchant has found any matters or vulnerability of security, including but not limited to violation of Data Personal, please contact the Company to verify such activities.

2. Personal Data and Account

When the Merchant has created its own account for the use of Website/Platform, the Company shall have the right to collect or use the following Personal Data;

A. Name-Surname

B. Data of BirthC. Current Address/Contact Address/Delivery Address

D. GPS/WIFI/portable device information/location

E. Images/pictures

F. Financial Statement

G. Sensitive data

H. Transactions

I. Account information and third party (s)’s account allowed by the Merchant

J. Registration details

K. Hardware, software, serial number of devices, usages recorder, updated software, IP, cookies, pixel, registration information, operation version and setting information

L. Others information relating to the services under this Website/Platform.

Any Personal Data which given the consent to the Company to disclose, reveal, collect, use or retain through any channel of the Website/Platform (including other communication via email, SMS or any other electronic means ) shall be collected, processed and retained in the Company’s system, the Company shall have responsibility for delivering such Personal Data correctly, accurately, and completely of which the Company shall not mislead the nature, resulting in misuse of the Personal Data towards the Website/Platform, the Company shall also have responsibility for update and make such Personal Data available currently, and inform the Merchant of any changes or amendment of Privacy Policy. Notwithstanding, the Company reserves the right to demand any additional document or evidence for verifying the Merchant’s identification prior to notification as well as may up such Personal Data which irrelevant to use of the Website/Platform as it is necessary to do so.

If the Merchant does not provide, fill in, or complete the Personal Data as it is necessary to use the Website/Platform, or revoke its consent given to the Company, the Company reserves the right to suspend or deny any services request of the Merchant under the Website/Platform. In the case that the Merchant has provided any other personal data of third party into the Website/Platform, it shall be deemed such personal data has been consented or authorized by the Merchant to the Company to disclose, reveal, collect, use or retain such personal data. In the event that the Merchant has created its own account integrated with social media login, or linked its own account permissible to social media account, the Company may access the Merchant’s social media account to which the Merchant enters login or links voluntarily.

Any registering account and its right to access the Personal Data shall be deemed individual account of each respective Merchant, and shall be exclusive and non-transferable to any other third party. However, the Company may, at time to time, suspend or cancel the Merchant’s account if any request has made by the Merchant.

3. Sources of Collection of Privacy Data

In the case that the Company would like to collect any Merchant’s data from the other sources, but not limited to bank, financial institutes or data processors (third party service provider) authorized or designated by the Merchant, shall inform the Merchant prior to collecting using, or disclosing the Merchant’ data therefrom, and the Merchant will cooperate with the Company in compliance with applicable data protection laws.

4. Usage and Disclosure

The Company shall collect, use, and disclose the Personal Data for the following purposes;

1) verifying the Merchant’s identity, including during account creation and payment password reset processes;
2) verifying Merchant’s eligibility as a user of Company’s services under this Website/Platform;
3) processing, maintaining and managing registration as a user;
4) providing the Merchant with the Company and related user’s services under this Website/Platform, including operating and enabling transactions, customizing the user experience, enabling the receipt of balance top-ups, financing proceeds and third-party payments, facilitating the settlement of payment for goods and services and providing other fund settlement services, handling foreign exchange conversions, charge-backs, sending notices about transactions, and responding to the Merchant’s queries, feedback, claims or disputes;
5) contacting the Merchant in relation to provision of the Company, contacting the Merchant in connection with any communication preferences or requests the Merchant has expressed, asking the Merchant for feedback about the Company or other related products and services, collecting feedback from the Merchant and its staff about the Company’s products and services and using such feedback to improve the Company’s business and/or customize products and services; sending the Merchant’s information about products and services, including for promotional purposes; and contacting the Merchant for legal purposes;
6) assessing, detecting, investigating, preventing or remediating fraud, data breaches or other potentially prohibited or illegal activities and otherwise protecting the integrity of this Website/Platform;
7) managing risks, performing creditworthiness and solvency verification on the Merchant and its users, or detecting, investigating, preventing or remediating violations of agreements between the Merchant and the Company or any of the Company’s applicable policies, industry standards, guidelines, laws and regulations, etc.
8) making disclosures as may be required by any rules, law or regulation, regulatory authorities, government official or other third party, including any card association or other payment network. Such disclosures may also be made pursuant to any subpoena, court order or other legal process or requirement applicable to us or any affiliates (including Know Your Customer (KYC) and client due diligence (“CDD”), anti-money laundering, counter-terrorist financing reporting, tax requirements or other commercial disputes);
9) making disclosures to third parties including relevant regulators to prevent any harm or financial loss, to report suspected illegal activity or to establish, exercise, or defend claims or potential claims on behalf of the Company and its affiliates;
10) improving and optimizing the Company’s services under this Website/Platform
11) managing the Company’s business including to protect other users, prevent harm, fraud or theft to the Company or others, maintain the security of the Company’s products, and protect the Company rights or property and those of others; and otherwise for everyday business purposes, to comply with law, or in other ways for which we provide specific notice at the time of collection.

The Merchant agrees and acknowledges that in the case that the relevant competent authorities or its representatives has requested to disclose or reveal the Personal Data that it is believed that it is (i) duly duty or applicable laws to do so (ii) necessary to comply with relevant laws and regulations, and (ii) collaborating in inspection or investigation, or reasonable requests of others competent authority, the Company shall have the right to disclose, reveal, collect, or use the above-mentioned without prior notification given to the Merchant in advance, and the Merchant shall not have the right to make any complaint or proceed legal action against the Company.

5. Retention

The Company shall retain, to extent permitted by laws or regulations, the Personal Data as long as the Merchant are using the services under the Website/Platform.

6. Security

The Company becomes aware of Personal Data security, the Company has determined any measure to secure such Personal Data properly and in accordance with confidentiality for the purpose of protection and prevention against losses, damages, unauthorized access, destruction, usages, changes, amendment, or disclosure thereof of which all contents shall comply with information technology security stipulated by the Company.

7. Amendment

The Company may revise, change, or amend this Privacy Policy in accordance with the services under the Website/Platform, including the Merchant’s suggestion or opinions, the Company shall inform the Merchant of any revision, changes or amendment of this Privacy Policy in writing expressly prior to proceed those action, or may announce to the Merchant directly through any communication channel specified by the Company.

8. Applicable laws

This Privacy Policy shall be governed by data privacy laws in Thailand jurisdiction.

9. Contact Us

If the Merchant have questions or requests about the privacy of its Personal Data, please contact the Company by email via or at this business address at 88 Paso Tower, 20th Floor, A2 Room, Silom road, Suriyawong, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500.