Handle your End to End Payments

  • Global payment options

    Support International and Thai local Credit/Debit cards.

  • Secure payment

    PCI DSS Compliant and extra 3D secure. Minimize fraud risks.

  • Real-time data

    Leverage dashboard for a snapshot of real-time performance and latest transactions.

  • High success rate

    Directly connected to banks and payment networks. Accept more, decline less.

Simple integration

Clean RESTful APIs backed by comprehensive documentation

Use the language you already love to prototype ideas quickly

One click eCommerce plugins

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Ready-to-use payment pages designed to save your time

  • Built for Developers

    Clean and developer- friendly APIs, plugins.

  • Fast settlement

    Instant authorization. Accept payment and get quick settlements.

  • High-converting page

    Form fields kept to a minimum. No extra information required.

Incredible mobile experience

  • Save the hassle of entering card details for every transaction.
  • Consistent look and feel across all devices.
  • Optimized for iOS and Android devices.

4 Steps to get started

1.Submit required documents

Submit your details to create an account

2.Go through review

Compliance assurance

4.Go live for payment collection

Start within 24 hours at the earliest

3.Technical integration

One to one professional support

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